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journalist and Ino was assaulted at a what is the 20 a Hollywood fitna 24-hour Fitness someone he recognized from an tyfa from an auntie and for protests assaulted him and grabbed his phone the reason I believe it's this is likely true why I would trust Andy on this one is because Andy started filming before the guy grabbed his phone from him so what I think happened was Andy saw the guy the guy probably had words so Andy pulled out his phone and started foaming so the guy snatched it and stormed off they probably recognized each other before I start talking about this like I wanna first I'll mention we're gonna talk about anti-fog Portland and Eenie own but I want to address something about yesterday that I did I did a live stream with David Pakman and David said you know he's like when I look at your channel it looks like you frame the right as the victims or whatever and my response was kind of like you know if I was gonna psychoanalyze myself it's probably due to the fact that this this story right here is a perfect example of where my focus ends up drifting to I see a story like this I see somebody I know get attacked have their phone stolen by someone being unreasonable or dangerous and II was recently pepper-sprayed write an tyfa are not good people I've known them for years I've seen the things they do they attack journalists everyone knows they do they bash people over the head they're not the worst of the worst but they're really really bad I see a story like this and I think whoa someone I know just got attacked for no reason this is worrisome because this is escalation and he's had a 24 hour fitness imagine this look it's one thing when you go out into a protest and then people they don't like you and they fight you that's wrong it's another thing when you're minding your own business working out and someone snatches up your phone and tries running off with a now they did get it back I guess the the the 24 24 hour fitness threatened they were gonna you know remove him or something he get his phone back but it's not conservatives who send me threats it's not that they're mean to me right it's it's you know that the fringe far-right extremist types whatever want to call them they're mean to me some conservatives are mean to me Oh boohoo I don't care and this one on the left that are mean to me don't care you want Sault me make fun of me I'm all game I'll sit there and I'll listen to it I'm I've a very I have mental fortitude I can withstand your criticisms and your insults I don't care the difference is it's not conservatives who are snatching my phone and trying to run off with it it's not conservatives who are bashing people over the head for the Motul overwhelming for the most part - like an extreme degree it's not conservatives who are walking around throwing drinks at people ripping their hats off pushing around in the street and salting them it's not it's not conservatives who are calling you know forcing MasterCard to put to a vote to ban people they don't like it's not conservatives who are calling my bank account who are sending me death threats it's just not it's never been even during Occupy Wall Street okay when I was first streaming during occupy this was back in I think like October of 2011 I was doing a stream of a big Occupy action and a bunch of conservatives flooded the livestream chat and started talking smack about occupy a bunch of Occupy like left-wing activists on the stream started demanding in the live chat because I'm like using my phone while streaming they were saying things like Tim banned these people my response was unequivocally no absolutely not so long as they're not spamming the chat shut it down they're allowed to say their ideas I have always been in favor of free speech I have always opposed anti-fog stream ism and extremism in general always even during Occupy Wall Street I have an interview from January 1st 2012 I believe January 1st where I straight-up say these people are a problem my opinion hasn't changed here the difference is during occupy I had people who left getting my back saying wow Tim you're right today many of these people are defending multi massive multinational corporations another but another really good point to bring up too is a lot of the people who are actually like good on you for defending free speech you're right these people are bad they win voted for Trump and these are some of the Bernie voters it's just it's just a reality that a lot of people have moved over so I I talk about what I care about and I care about some dude Andy who's filming stuff and getting attacked I care about when some dude goes to the gym minding his own business and someone comes up and snatches phone why is it why is the story always an tyfa attacking someone else why is the story always someone on the left smearing someone on the right to try and lose take their job away from them it's not conservatives who are taking quotes out of context from me and other people to get us to lose our jobs it's it's it's it's the left it's not you know I will say this during Occupy Wall Street I filmed you know Black Bloc anarchist types doing a ton of stuff they hated me for it and you know what the mainstream Left who favored occupy agreed with me my opinion hasn't changed those people are bad they are evil self-righteous sociopathic they think they know what's better for you they think they know what they should be allowed to do they think they should take your property like this guy does in this video from Andy where he snatches his phone and then makes off with it they think they have a right to take from you because they're better than you for some reason what gives what what what this person thinks he has the moral authority to come and snatch Andy's phone from him I will break your phone right I receive death threats from these people and you it happens I make a video about it well eventually they start smearing me more and more and more and they do it on purpose so now I find myself in a unique position David asks me in the livestream your videos don't reflect someone who has center-left politics I disagree I completely disagree I think my videos reflect someone who recognizes we have a problem growing with extremist faction and they're being mainstreamed they're being they're being propped up the Democratic Party you've got Linda Sarsour anti-semite and she's leading the women's March so what does the left do they try and smear me and others as anti-semites even though they have Ilan Omar even though Alexandria cosmic Cortes speaks at their events so it's not about whether or not I am pro-choice or I believe we should have regulation I see Robby so for an article about censorship saying we must resist a regulation I completely disagree I disagree I'm looking at them from the perspective of one principle free speech we shouldn't let massive corporations do this to anybody and I'm looking at it from it is not people in Mogga hats walking around bashing people they lie there saying things like these are their little killing people oh please there are weird freaky people doing weird freaky things and that includes an tyfa but i'll tell you what people are losing their jobs they're getting their their lives are being destroyed they are being pushed towards the fringes i did a video rent not a long ago about a story where a woman allegedly claimed that her son became all Trikke because he was falsely accused of harassment by bias to another students and it depressed him and he gave up he felt like the machine that betrayed him and he found solace online in these communities and these are the things I speak out against and I make videos talking about these dangers admittedly too I think there's there's a unique position in that as a journalist on the ground you'll find probably that I don't I don't believe Andy's even conservative but when you take someone like me or Andy and put us on the ground and have these people repeatedly attack us and then when I come out and say guys please get my back and they say no don't punch left I say well then you can screw yourself you think I'm gonna stand up for you when these people are going nuts attacking Andy pepper spraying him Andy and Andy it put up a threat saying he's trying to find this woman who apparently jumped I don't know if it's in this video yeah there you go here's Andy getting pepper sprayed and you can see what she did she lunges forward so Andy so you know to present the illusion at uh to make it so that Andy doesn't think he's about to get sprayed and then boom right in his face because they know who he is and these people are running wild in Portland and where's the left saying enough nowhere it was surprising to me and and and ELISA listen Thomas it's not an exaggeration I am concerned about these extremists doing their thing and being told by Chris bite button and having Chris Cuomo and CNN their highest-rated show saying is a good cause that's right the the people who pepper sprayed a journalist and stole his phone a good cause thank you thank you Cuomo thank you for informing America that the people who wear all black beat people destroy property assault journalists and get away with it thank you for defending those people thank you for sticking up for the mob of people who violently assault this man who is just filming on his phone minding his own business thank you for defending the people who would steal his phone and confront him while he's just trying to work out and this is the problem I have because then when I talk about it was what does David say your videos don't reflect your centre-left politics no first of all I will I will stress I have tremendous respect for David I'm very grateful for the show and this is a no way directed at him personally it's an issue of what the left is right and well I definitely think David is one of the better personalities I would actually and and David might not appreciate this but I would say David is very much in line with the intellectual dark web and even Eric Weinstein has praised him David has opinions I disagree with but he's absolutely cordial professional and willing to have a conversation and that's the most important thing I don't care about if his opinions are our fringe extreme mainstream whatever he's somebody who wants to have a real conversation and that's the most important part but what's frustrating for me is trying to explain to these people that when CNN you know David describes some of these things not this specifically has edge cases well I disagree you know and that's and that's the fundamental difference when Cuomo goes on CNN their highest-rated show it's not even a million viewers but still it's their highest-rated shows you know the triumphs and says it's a good cause yeah there you go he says there are certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause that is a good cause they want social justice they want whatever they want that context not antiva you tell me when that has ever happened a Chris an tyfa is not a good cause Antti was not a good cause they're they're chaotic extremists who don't have a singular ideology who just want to exert power over people and hurt people and it really it really makes me angry because for one Andy is a very mild-mannered dude if you've ever met him or talked to him he's very calm and quiet he is unassuming they just don't like the fact that he's not on their side and you know silence is violence so here you actually I think that's Joey Gibson maybe not maybe not um but here's Joey just filming and sure enough boom right in his face these people are evil evil sociopathic they think they have the right to assert authority over other people they don't no one does let me explain authority I love I love explaining Authority you're out you're out in the street an old woman collapses a man walks up and says I'm a doctor I need you to do this you do it you're like okay the doctor and you know what maybe they're not a doctor but you understand the idea of authority and expertise Authority exists but if some if a cop comes up to you and says this is a frozen zone you can't stand there that's not real that's just not true so this is a real phenomenon in New York where the police would just hey you're standing in a frozen zone you have to move now and they made up the concept it wasn't illegal or maybe the city decided it was legal the point was it wasn't a concept and it was challenged under freeze First Amendment grounds you can't arbitrarily go to a person and tell them they can't stand somewhere in public what they were doing that's fake Authority and I believe that should be challenged absolutely not we have a First Amendment in this country protecting us from Authority these people tried to wield authority over others with violence they want you to be scared they want you to bend the knee they are not a good cause so when I see stories like this it reminds me of exactly why I care about what I what I care about because CNN the airport news network what would have you believe and he was a good cause beating journalists and clubbing people and pepper spraying them must be a good cause right Cuomo I can't stand this stuff man but anyway I will end by saying and in no way do I want to direct any of my ire at David no no just yeah I appreciate the conversation we had and I respect him for for you know as I said to Dave Rubin when I did a video where I brought up some of the criticisms towards him everybody could do with a pie in the face every so often right I don't I don't think I'm infallible I don't think I'm always right and I absolutely need someone like David to point these things out and challenge me because I could I challenge myself I think about this a lot right III don't want to be wrong I don't want to be arbitrarily you know doing things I don't want to make content that is just for the sake of content I want to make sure I'm talking about something that actually matters and makes sense and then I see this story when I wake up and II neo has his phone stolen at a gym and it reminds me of the the serious problem of mainstreaming these people it exists it's not an illusion it's a problem it needs to be dealt with maybe we'll talk about I talk about science on this channel too on purpose right I will add yesterday I did a video about Mars colonization I've done many videos about global impact from asteroids I am actually trying to make sure that I break the the political cycle because it you know admittedly constantly talking about politics can make things worse so I want to make sure that I can we kind of have like a chill-out period and unfortunately not people don't like the science videos as much sometimes they do really really well like I did blech the asteroid video got like 200.000 views or something or like a hundred thousand views um yesterday's Mars video got like 50 that's like a lot of views you know that's that's not bad so I try to do things that I think are fascinating and interesting at the end of the day as a kind of like let's break that chain and make you think about something that's cool and so I guess for the people who watch all my videos or at least that's that section at the end of the day you and that you end like I don't I don't want you to leave the day thinking about the worst of the worst and being angry not everybody is gonna watch this video sometimes people want to be angry but hopefully by doing things I kind of break the cycle of politics at the end of the day the last thing you're thinking about is something cool and inspiring but but you know and I'll and I'll point this out to you like to you know it to the insinuation I guess that I'm doing I just make videos I think I'll make money it's just not true right Andrew Cuomo quite literally said auntie photos a good cause I have been physically attacked and received death threats from these people you can understand how that's going to affect me emotionally and that's and that's the last point I want to make about when I do video game videos when I do movie videos when I do science videos that is not for money okay you know if I want to maximize money I would just I would just join the bandwagon and have the stupidest opinions that I thought would attract the most viewership I just tried and talked about what I care about and you know I've got a video coming up later today about this big pro-life rally I am not in favor you know but we'll get to it the point is I my opinions are my opinions and that's it and I make videos and I talk about it this stuff freaks me out I'll leave it there whatever I don't to ramble I will see you that the next video will be at 1 p.m. thanks for hanging out and I will see you I'll see you them you